Dissertation Chapters and their Role

Dissertation Chapters and a Well-Organized Paper

When there is a necessity to write dissertation, there are several things, which you should keep in mind: dissertation itself, dissertation topic, dissertation research, dissertation chapters , and dissertation writing.

First of all, the writer should know what the dissertation is, why he/she has to write this research paper, what for is. When the writer has the answer for these questions, then it is very important to realize its significance. When the writer is aware of his/her responsibility while fulfilling this assignment, he/she can start looking for the dissertation topic .

This is one of the most important steps of dissertation project . So, refer to the choice seriously and work with actual and interesting subjects/problems. The topic shouldnt be general, but clear and specific. It will be difficult to investigate a broad topic, it is better to work with one of its points/angles and attain new, interesting results and fresh points on the research object.

Next step is the research of the problem. In general, there are no instructions of research conduct because every dissertation research is different and deals with various objects of different spheres of the science. Find a lot of materials about the topic; make a literature review relevant to the research problem. Do not forget about methodology. Decide which methods suit your dissertation research best. Proper methods demonstrate your understanding of the topic and increase your chances for making a good research.

When you investigated the problem and you are sure that your work will be really a valuable contribution to the chosen field of study, organize your results and ideas in a proper way. Dissertation chapters will help you to put everything in its place. The main chapters of the dissertation are introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part has its own place and function. All dissertation chapters should be written according to the standards determined for them.

Introduction starts the work presenting the framework and main ideas of the research. Body gives presentation of the main problem from different perspectives, description of the sources used in the research, research itself and explanation of the results of the investigation.

Conclusion sums up the achieved results based on the evidence presented in the body chapter, underlines the importance of the findings, which makes the reader believe that your position is credible.

Dissertation chapters will help you to make your work clear, readable, complete.

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